Architectural site plan of exterior space for Library and Parks & Rec Facility

To the north of the new Library and Parks & Recreation Building is recreational open space and surface parking.

To the east, one and one-half acres are set aside for initial and future recreational development. The area includes the connection and enhancement of Centennial Trail- a path used for walking, jogging, and biking. Also, pathways for strolling and enjoying the landscape will connect key site and building access points. Seating areas and gentle earth berms will provide opportunities for relaxation, reading, and spending time with friends.  Although the project currently anticipates funding for modest amenities in the outdoor space, the design team has looked at a long-term plan to maximize the site to include two unique playground areas for children of different ages, a large synthetic turf exercise and playing field, a future bike hub, and other site amenities based on available funding.  The location of the open area adjacent to the Parks & Recreation portion of the lowest level will help maximize opportunities for event spaces to capitalize on the generous outdoor open space.

Surface parking is to the west.  Vehicles will enter from Antoinette Lane and have access to the outdoor parking lot, access to the covered parking area within the Library and Parks & Recreation building, or patrons can drop-off or pick-up passengers at “Multi-Modal Row.” There is an overall goal of providing 220 total parking spaces. Additionally, bike racks will house 35 bicycles.

Parking management will be used to meet the many different types of parking needs, including ADA spaces, spaces for compact cars, short term parking, bicycles, scooters, and electric vehicles. Dedicated drop-off areas will allow for ride sharing. Short term loading areas will accommodate different transportation modes such as Uber and Lyft, kiss-and-go, pick-up and drop-off, temporary small truck deliveries, and shuttles. 

Walkways are located to manage pedestrian movement through the parking areas and lead users to the building’s centrally located lobby and Community Theater/City Council Chamber.

High resolution image.