Community Civic Campus

Group practicing yoga inside of a parks & recreation room
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The Parks & Recreation areas of the Community Civic Center will support and enhance user experience.  Planned Parks and Recreation areas include:

  • Increased space and opportunities to support and enhance fitness, performance, learning and enrichment craft, and technology-driven multi-purpose spaces. 
  • Two generous halls to house medium and large social gatherings, civic, community and cultural events, function as banquet space, or accept business gatherings with an adjacent catering kitchen, support, and storage facilities. 
  • A strong complement of small, medium, and large classrooms and numerous exercise and dance spaces, and a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. 
  • Numerous exercise and dance studios with changing rooms.
  • Three music rooms.
  • An early learning classroom to provide high-quality pre-school aged class programs.
  • Administrative spaces to provide exceptional customer service.
  • A 1.3 acre park with passive and active recreational areas for community gathering, events, outdoor fitness programs, and children's play.