Community Civic Campus

Inside of a modern library with integration of latest technology
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To meet the needs of a rapidly growing community, the Parks & Recreation and Library components are strategically co-located. The joining of these two components creates synergies by sharing space and other assets. 

The core Library functions will expand and enhance the services currently offered. Planned library areas include:

  • A Learning Center with spaces specifically developed to create intimate areas for quiet study, as well as one-on-one tutoring to impact the lives of our youngest citizens. 
  • Larger spaces to foster artistic creativity in a group setting for children, encouraging their imaginations to expand limitlessly.
  • Teen zones that will foster group learning and collaboration. 
  • Technology laboratories in appropriate locations throughout the building to foster connections with information, data, news, and art.
  • Reservable rooms for those in our community with special needs.
  • Spaces for residents who are a bit older that include heightened design solutions not just through accessibility, but also ergonomics, technology, safety, and comfort. 
  • A Library Discovery Center.