Civic Campus site plan including Main Campus and PD

The outdoor park has an iconic nature in keeping with the building design. Different than anything available in South San Francisco, it will serve as many communities as possible, and include amenities for all ages and abilities.       

The design team has looked at a long-term plan to develop the site to include playground areas for children of different ages (playground areas highlight the varied needs for three age groups: 0-2 year old’s, 2-5 year old’s, and 5-12 year old’s). Two different playground approaches are currently being shared to the community for feedback. The best elements from each of the two design options will be combined to create one hybrid solution that will appeal to the broadest possible range of community residents. This final design uses Nature as an inspiration for the playground layout and aesthetic. The over-all park design features a large synthetic turf exercise and playing field, allowing for all types of unprogrammed play and fitness classes. The large plaza areas are directly connected to the building, reinforcing the indoor-outdoor connection. A special garden area will allow for quiet socializing among wildflowers and native grasses that attract pollinators and butterflies.

playground image 740 width

Additional program elements include pathways for strolling and enjoying the landscape, which will also connect key site and building access points. Seating areas and gentle earth berms will provide opportunities for relaxation, reading, and socializing. The park will also close the existing gap in the Centennial Way Trail, used for walking, biking and running. In addition to new surface/structured parking, there will be additional bicycle parking along with a future bike hub.

Because the park playground, synthetic turf, and pollinator garden are beyond the City’s budget, the City will pursue grants to fund these elements before and during the construction phase. These areas will be useable, accessible lawns and paved walkways until the play areas and garden can be funded and built. Approximately 1.3-acres are set aside for initial and future recreational development.

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