Architectural site plan of Library and Parks & Rec Facility

The Civic Campus Center site is comprised of two projects. Phase One is the new Police Operations & 911 Dispatch Center and Phase Two is the new Library, Parks & Recreation and Community Theater / Council Chamber. Phase One is located at the site of the former Pet Club at the corner of Chestnut Avenue and Antoinette Lane. Phase Two is located at the vacant lot enclosed by El Camino Real, Chestnut Avenue, and Antoinette Lane.  

 The new Library and Parks & Recreation building sits on a 6.5-acre site. This new facility includes an 80,000 square foot building that will house a more extensive main Library and an expanded Parks & Recreation facility. The joint project builds a unique environment of sharing amenities and creates a one-stop-shop for visitors and families.  A secondary facility, the Community Theater and City Council Chamber, is approximately 5,000 square feet located at the corner of Chestnut Ave and El Camino Real. The project development will include about 220 parking spaces. One and one-half acres are set aside for open space and will accommodate the completion of Centennial Trail, pedestrian movement within the site, modest landscape, and other site improvements.

This portion of the project is expected to cost about $120 million.

High resolution image.