Photo sets from Library, Parks & Recreation and Community Theater / Council Chamber.

Storm Drain installation in the geofoam areaUtilities in Geofoam Area
Drill Tech places auger cast pileAuger Cast Pile
Auger Cast Piles in LPR SiteLPR Site
Cages onsite for production pilesProduction Piles
Underground utilties in geofoam areaLPR Site
Drill Tech Subcontractor prepping auger cast piles for testingTest Pile Preparation
Compression Test: Auger Cast PileTest Pile Testing
Tension Test: Auger Cast PileTest Pile Testing
Compaction in the geofoam areaGeofoam Installation Complete
Auger Cast Pile DrillingDrilling Piles
After drilling, Drill Tech places auger cast pileAuger Cast Pile
Pouring concrete to keep auger cast pile in placeAuger Cast Pile
Excavation along El Camino RealHillside Along ECR
Excavation of temporary BART access road on LPR SiteBART Access Road
Temporary BART Access Road CompleteBART Access Road
Site Demolition and GradingLPR Site
Excavating LPR Site for Geofoam installationGrading and Excavation
Shoring Bench along El Camino RealShoring Bench
Installing Soldier Beams on Shoring BenchShoring Wall
Sewer Line InstallationSewer Pipe
Relocation of Storm Drain UtiltiesStorm Drain
Excavating lift 4 of shoring wall along ECRShoring Wall
Prepping Shoring wall for wood lagging installationShoring Wall
Storm Drain Pipe InstallationStorm Drain Utilties