Photo sets from Police Operations and 911 Dispatch Center

Waterproofing exterior wallsPolice Building
Framing Storefront Windows at Building ExteriorPolice Building Exterior
Installing mineral wool at Exterior Metal PanelsPolice Building Exterior
Framing window system in police BuildingPolice Building
Install clips for metal panels at Police Building ExeriorPolice Building Exterior
Mineral wool and clips for metal panelsPolice Building Exterior
Install drywall in Dispatch Room 2407Police Building
Install metal panels at Police Building ExteriorPolice Building Exterior
Framing walls in Kitchen Room 2303 and front of Elevator 2Police Building
Metal Panels and Mechanical ScreensPolice Building Exterior
Install clips on soffits at building exteriorPolice Building Exterior
Taping ceiling soffits in Patrol Room 1306Police Building
Ballistic board installation at PD Corridor 1102Police Building Corridor
Exterior Wall Installation in main Police buildingPolice Building Exterior
Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) RoofPolice Building Roof
Eyebrow installation at roof eavePolice Building Exterior
Window Framing at Fitness Room in Police BuildingPolice Building Exterior
Framing interior drywall at dispatch rooom in Police BuildingDispatch Room
Data tray installation at Investigation Room in Police BuildingInvestigation Room
Generator delivery and installationPolice Building
 Framing ceiling soffits at South Stairs in Police BuildingPolice Building
Metal panel clips and track installationPolice Building Exterior
Grade and baserock installation at PD SitePolice Building Exterior
Electrical trenching for gates and lighting at PD SitePolice Building Exterior
Exterior Wall Framing at Police BuildingPolice Building Exterior
CMU Block Wall installation in the detention areaDetention Area
Framing Opening for Overhead Coiling Door InstallationSupport Building
Installing Exterior Drywall at Building ExteriorPolice Building Exterior
Welding Mechanical ScreensPolice Building
Exterior Wall FramingPolice Building
Interior Wall FramingPolice Building
Interior Wall FramingPolice Building
New Curb and Gutter along Antoinette LaneAntoinette Lane
Grading East Side of Parking Lot next to the support buildingSupport Building
Installing Exterior DrywallPolice Building Exterior
Insulating Exterior SoffitPolice Building Exterior
Laying track for the wall framesBuilding Interior
CMU (block wall) installation at the detention areaDetention Area
Digging for the Joint TrenchJoint Trench
Forming concrete curbs on Antoinette LaneJoint Trench
Install CMU Block Wall @ Detention AreaDetention Area
Installing overhead coiling door framesSupport Building
Framing for Exterior WallsPolice Building
Installing fire sprinkler linesBuilding Interior
Prepping for reinstalling sidewalk on Antoinette LaneSidewalk Preparation
Install framing for exterior drywallPolice Building Exterior
Anti-Graffiti Coating on Support BuildingSupport Building Exterior
Installing exterior drywallPolice Building Exterior