The 2016 State of the City address by Mayor Mark Addiego and a Measure W Town Hall/Open House were held on Tuesday, June 14th. The Mayor and City Manager provided an overview on how the City remains fiscally responsible, showcased the impact of Measure W and shared the City's vision for the future. The presentation on Measure W projects included a proposed community civic campus, including a new police station, a new fire station, and a shared library and parks and recreation facility. It also included the City's proposed $18M street paving plan for the next five years.

Approximately 350 community members attended the Measure W Town Hall meeting. The meeting was conducted in an open house format with four booths dedicated to:

  • Street Paving Plan
  • Police and Fire Service
  • Community Civic Campus
  • Joint Library and Recreation

Summary of Town Hall Feedback

Public feedback was particularly solicited on: site plan options which reflected various surface/structure parking configurations and open space availability; and programming of the joint library and recreation facility. Regarding the site plan options, there was more enthusiasm for the options with structured parking because they maximize open space. These options have a higher cost, but the community felt that it was important to maximize indoor and outdoor space for the multiple programming needs of the City. Regarding programming activities, input reflected desire for a diverse range of activities and amenities for all age groups. Outdoor activities/amenities included fitness, community events, trail network, casual seating, play yard, active/passive recreation, outdoor gathering, interactive features, public art, and maintained/naturalized landscaping. Indoor activities included fitness/health/wellness, large events/gatherings, performance, life-long learning, community connections, technology/innovation, collection/quiet reading, recreation, creative arts and collaboration/group study.

Community input confirms that we are headed in the right direction with Measure W. The interest areas are consistent with previous input gathered during the preparation of the Library and Park and Recreation departments’ long-term plans as well as outreach associated with the Measure W ballot. Almost all of the desired programs can be accommodated at the Community Civic Campus. Space planning to determine exactly what programs and how much will need to be prepared and is one of the key next steps for this effort. It is important to know that two recreational facilities important to the City, swimming pool and soccer field, will need to be advanced at other City locations. Staff concurs that these facilities need to be improved or newly built and is continuing to work with City Council and City partners to address these needs.

Discussions at the police and fire services booth and the five-year street paving plan was focused more on information sharing. It provided a venue to inform community members about the proposed five-year street paving plan to repair and maintain our street network in a state-of-good-repair as well as the police and fire functions in the City. The information was generally well received. The community expressed appreciation for the City’s services in these areas and also provided staff with concerns that need staff’s more immediate attention, such as sidewalk areas that are buckling from tree roots to traffic safety issues at particular intersections. The collective concerns were noted and have been forwarded to the appropriate departments for follow-up.

For information provided and gathered at each booth, see summaries below:

  • Police and Fire Service
  • Street Paving Plan
  • Community Civic Campus
  • Joint Library and Recreation 

Police and Fire Service

Public safety resize 2

The rendering above shows the boards that were displayed at the Town Hall / Open House. It was used to solicit general discussion about Police and Fire services. Discussion at this booth focused on information sharing regarding Police and Fire functions in the City as well as the new state-of-the art Police facility and new Fire station to be built meeting the growing needs of the City.

Street Paving Plan

Paving resize 2

The rendering above shows the boards that were displayed at the Town Hall / Open House. The visuals show the proposed $18 million five-year paving plan. A map for each year, 2017 through 2021, shows which streets are recommended for paving and repair. Discussion at this booth included community input regarding current road conditions.

 Flip Chart Comments

The flip chart visuals are the comments recorded at the meeting. These comments are being evaluated by the Public Works department and will inform the paving plan.

Community Civic Campus

PUC resize 2

The rendering above shows the boards that were displayed at the Town Hall / Open House. The visuals show the campus location and the site plan options. The visuals were used to solicit input on the three site plan options.


Flip Chart Comments

The flip chart visuals are comments recorded at the meeting. There was a range of comments regarding traffic, parking, flood zone, walkways, bike safety, accessibility for all and landscaping. These comments are all relevant and will be considered as design is further advanced.

Joint Library and Recreation

Library parks resize 2

The rendering above shows the boards that were displayed at the Town Hall / Open House. The visual shows the City’s proposal for combining the Library and Recreation facilities. Joint use will result in multi-purpose rooms that can support more programs. It also shows a new vision of a modern library that focuses on community, information exchange and technology.

Feedback Boards

The feedback boards above were used to quantify community input on various indoor and outdoor activities. Community members were given dot stickers to indicate their preferences. See below for community feedback summary charts.

Overall feedback summary charts:

Indoor Activity Summary Chart

Outdoor Activity Summary Chart

Flip Chart Comments

In addition to the feedback boards, community member comments were recorded on several flip charts above. There was meaningful input on the architectural preferences for the new facility in addition to ideas related to lighting, green building, safety, universal design and rooftop use.

Additional comments were received by email and mail after the Town Hall. The comments are consistent with those received during the Town Hall meeting and will be considered as design is further advanced.